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EGR systems help reduce emissions, improving air quality and protecting the environment. This is accomplished by diverting a controlled amount of exhaust gases back into the intake, reducing the combustion temperature, and providing a “second burn” of the exhaust, both of which help the engine run cleaner. For more information about how EGR works, check […]

Any time a light comes on your dash, you are likely concerned your car is broken. These warning lights alert you to a problem somewhere in your vehicle, ranging from minor issues to major failures. Depending on what’s going wrong, there are a few lights you could see. In this article, we are going over […]

Auto manufacturers work hard to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from engine operation and have engineered some pretty impressive ways of doing so. From turbocharging small engines to complex DEF injection systems on diesels, vehicles are emitting far less and going much further on less fuel than they ever have before. One of these […]

From weekday commutes to weekend road trips, rising gas prices have made driving much more expensive. Unless you drive an electric car, you’ve probably felt it.   Even when gas is cheap, boosting your fuel economy can leave more money in your pocket. While fuel economy ratings from the manufacturer are pretty accurate, there are certain […]

Land Rover’s lineup of luxury off-road vehicles gives owners the best of both worlds; a posh, comfortable interior and unparalleled off-road capability. With the harsh winters and ample outdoor recreation here in Northern Idaho, a Land Rover is a solid SUV to own. Like all vehicles, regular maintenance is essential to reliability and longevity. One […]