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Have you noticed your vehicle idling high at stop lights or while parked? Maybe you’ve noticed your engine sounds louder or less happy than normal. There are various reasons your vehicle could be experiencing these issues. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common sources of a high idle, and what you should […]

It’s common to think that the car battery is what keeps all your lights and accessories powered, but rather it’s actually your alternator that keeps the electricity-dependent parts of your vehicle running. From the radio and climate control to the engine control unit (ECU) and spark plugs, your alternator powers many of the important systems […]

Your car’s air conditioning is essential to a comfortable driving experience in the summer. There’s no better feeling than the cold air hitting you after sitting in a scorching hot seat.  Sometimes though, the experience isn’t as pleasant. We’ve all ridden in vehicles with air conditioning that just smells… off. It may be tolerable on […]

When your car gets older and higher in mileage, it may start to feel its age. It might lack the smoothness and power it had when it rolled off the lot, or the fuel economy isnt what it once was. These symptoms can make your daily commutes feel like a drag. Luckily, there’s service that […]

The mighty 6.7 Power Stroke diesel engine powers Ford’s biggest trucks. Since its debut in 2011, the “Scorpion” motor has proved itself as one of the most potent diesel power plants. It’s generally considered a reliable motor and is still a mainstay in the blue oval’s current lineup.   Just like any engine, the Power Stroke […]