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Blake GaultBlake Gault
21:45 20 Jan 23
I brought my truck here for an inspection because it was acting up. I didn’t get anything done to my truck, however they searched and found every single problem my truck had, even down to the smallest of problems that could lead to bigger problems in the future.
Kevin HoskinsKevin Hoskins
11:26 27 Dec 22
They say they stand behind their work,but will not work with you to find out why it runs worst then before they worked on it.this is not a one time thing i have had more then one automobile in this shop and spent tens of thousands of dollars.guess they just turn and burn the customers?this shop was recommended to me,i would not recommend this shop for anything.1)After this review their service manager has called wishing to make things right.told me to ask for him to schedule truck in to make it right.thanks Chris for listening and the effort to make it right.
John McKayJohn McKay
17:49 02 Dec 22
Lake City Auto was the third place I went to diagnose and fix a high-speed vibration on my 2019 Volvo. They re-balanced tires and it was OK... for a while. Second diagnosis to replace tires due to belt separation changing balance as I drove. Vibration is now completely gone. They followed up a few days later to ensure I was satisfied. Very happy to have somewhere reliable to take my Volvo since the nearest dealership is in Seattle!
Susan AppelSusan Appel
03:33 13 Aug 22
We had our transmission replaced in nevada while traveling and it has been doing some "clunking" (technical term😁) we brought our truck in for a diagnostic test, they ran the test, and did a test drive. Conclusion: it is okay! They explained the computer to us and were patient with our questions! They could have been dishonest like so many places and sold us something we didn't need. Thank you Lake City Auto Care!
Sheri ThelinSheri Thelin
22:06 21 Jul 22
They took me out to the shop and showed me the brakes and what needs to be replaced. Very nice people.Thank you!
Marc SegoMarc Sego
01:27 17 Jul 22
Poor service and bad communication. I took my 1982 GMC PICKUP here to get it timmed and the carb tuned. They found a vacuum leak at the carb and fixed that and timmed it. When I got it back it seemed ok. But then the next day it was running very inconsistent. Sometimes I'll turn it on and it will high idle of 1800+. Sometimes it will dip below 400 and die. Every once in a while it will run perfect.I got a courtesy text a few days after getting it back asking how it went and I communicated by issues with it still . They have ignored all of my attempts to communicate with them. I don't think they tuned the carburetor. I'm confident there are other things wrong with it too.Would not recommend to any one. Take your rig somewhere else.
Russell ShattuckRussell Shattuck
22:05 28 Jun 22
They are an amazing shop that cares about the customers. They went out of their way to get me back on the road, and they stand by their work best warranty. Will recommend and return.
Devin JohnsonDevin Johnson
14:01 05 Jun 22
The transmission in my Dodge pickup was running hot so I brought it in to have the transmission coolers hot flushed to clean them out .and I figured that I'd have them change the filter and fluid while it was there. apparently they don't have the proper equipment to flush and clean the coolers because they just did the standard flush for a filter and fluid change. and told me that it wasn't overheating, I really doubt that they hooked it to a 12k trailer and pulled some hills to see if it was really not overheating. the service that that they did was fine they just didn't do the service that I asked for. so unfortunately I still need to have the coolers properly cleaned and hot flushed.
Ken AmmonKen Ammon
02:58 05 Apr 22
The transmission temperature indicator came on when we would travel on the freeway for about 1 hour. Per the car's manual, we would pull over, let the engine idle for a few minutes until the light went off, then take off again. This was a consistent problem that started just recently with 205,000 miles on the car. They suggested it may be a bad sensor (since everything else checked out ok). We had the sensor replaced but have not given the car a real test yet. We did travel to the Snake Pit in Kingston from CdA one evening and the light did not come on (however I don't think that "short" trip qualifies as a genuine test). Lake City Trans service has been top notch so far. If I knew for sure that replacing the sensor was the actual fix for the problem I would give 5 stars. Once I have run the car for a true test of the sensor I'll leave another review. Thanks for your help!!Sadly the car died at the end of 2021, the good news is that the original sensor that we had replaced must have been bad because the transmission temperature indicator never came on again, the car had just over 250,000 miles when it died.
Frank FlejtuchFrank Flejtuch
16:25 04 Jan 22
These guys have been indispensable to the continued usage of my vehicles
01:16 02 Nov 21
I brought in my 2002 Subaru and they were very honest with me when we discussed what was going on and if it was worth fixing or not. I appreciate that they didn’t pressure me and were straightforward with what was going on.I will definitely bring vehicles to them in the future.
Hans EckelmanHans Eckelman
00:30 22 Sep 21
I would give Lake City Auto Care more stars if I could because they went above and beyond to help us out. We are from Cheyenne Wyoming and are here on vacation when our Jeep had an issue in the morning. We tried every Jeep dealership within 100 miles and the best any of them could do was diagnose our Jeep (not fix it) by the end of the day. We went to Lake City and Ben helped us out by getting us in and out in under an hour. We would have paid any amount, but the price was very reasonable (less than the minimum the dealership wanted to just diagnose the problem) nd the Jeep is running like a champ! It is rare to see a company with compassion.
Patrick MontgomeryPatrick Montgomery
04:09 12 Sep 21
Fantastic service. Fit me in to their very busy repair shop.Dropped off truck at 9 a.m. Friday, got a detailed text of everything they found needed service. Approve or decline each service and send back text. They have been perfect so far. Truck should be ready to go by next Thursday! Will update this post asap.Update:Diagnosis came back as a bad oil ring. Told that engine was not repairable and I needed to replace engine. Suggested a 460 Ford gas engine to replace my 7.3 diesel. Also needed to change transmission. I decided not to do these things and picked up truck. I went and dropped truck off at Allinol Auto & Truck Repair in Hauser. Got a call from Allinol yesterday. Truck is fixed! Turned out it was a bent pushrod, caused by a mouse nest being sucked into engine. Truck is now running Great
victor martinez IIvictor martinez II
04:56 03 Sep 21
I won't use anyone else. No bull, straight forward service. Great staff and coffee...DUH!
Beth A.Beth A.
23:33 18 Jul 21
This business deserves 100 stars! During the heat wave around July 4th, my AC stopped working. It was horrible timing due to needing to pick up my disabled son from the airport. Lake City Auto loaned me a car for FREE, so we had a safe car to drive in the heat. When I got my car back, the AC worked perfectly and they charge a reasonable rate for the repair. Thank you to Lake City Auto for caring about your customers! Thank you for being honest , and providing quality service!
20:16 06 Jul 21
They do great repairs, granted, but they are also sure to provide top notch customer service.They honestly go above and beyond just to make sure I was taken care of! They have a top notch waiting room with complimentary cold sodas and coffee!As far as I am concerned, this is the ONLY place I will ever be taking our vehicles.
Sue KSue K
23:01 02 Mar 21
Great work at a fair price. Very accommodating to my schedule. No hard sell on other work. Very pleased!

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