Wheel Alignment

Dodge truck on an alignment rack

What is an alignment?

This is the adjustment of all the tire angles. This adjustment makes sure that each tire is aligned parallel to one another. Although the repair is the same service, often times it can be a very different for every car and that is why car owners should only consider high quality car repair shops. Tire alignment is also done to accommodate various driving conditions and weather among other things. It is one of the services that can not only prolong your tire life, but your vehicle performance long-term as well.

In most cases, tire adjustments consist of primary adjustments called the toe, caster and the camber. All these adjustments help make the wheel system work more effectively.

The tire alignment process is often done on tire alignment machines. The mechanic puts specialized tools in all 4 tires even if only the front wheels require the alignment. He then uses computers to find steering and camber problems. This part of the alignment ensures that a perfect wheel stability, positive caster, perfect toe setting and straight line driving is achieved.

The mechanic also has to consider different vehicle speeds. The alignment machine will find the center line and use it as a point of reference to see if the steering axis inclination has any effect on the speed of the car.


Importance of Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is quite important and here are reasons why drivers must consider taking their cars for the service.

Reduces Accidents

Regular wheel alignment has proven to reduce the chances of having an accident. When the adjustment has been ignored, this means that the angle at which your car rides will be compromised. So it will be hard to keep your car on a straight line. This is especially dangerous if you are driving on a bad weather or poor road or if you are carrying heavy loads. This can also effect your ability to break or react properly when situations require reaction while driving.

Reduces Tire Wear and Tear

When your tires are not properly aligned, they tend to increase the rate of wear and tear. This is normally caused by the certain parts of the tire under pressure. When you drive on badly aligned tires, this means that you will have to spend more money replacing your tires and other parts due to the accelerated rate of wear and tear on the tread of the tires.

Increases Vehicle Performance

A car handles better, speeds up and slows down more efficiently when it has been properly aligned. This means that you can also save on fuel. So you should consider performing regular tire alignment if you want to enjoy a driving experience of a lifetime.