Top 6 Common Land Rover Problems

Land Rover offers unparalleled luxury, off-road capability, and performance. The prestigious British SUVs can take you anywhere, whether you’re driving to work or through the snowy mountains on your way to go skiing.

Despite being one of the premier luxury SUV makers in the world, Land Rovers are not without issues. In this article, we are going to go over the top 6 most common issues we see across the Land Rover lineup.

1.) Parking Brake Failure

Land Rovers are known to have parking brake issues. Problems can stem from the Electric Parking Brake Module, which will cause the parking brake to stop working and trigger a light on the dash. If the module has not failed, you may hear a screeching noise when applying the emergency brake.

Another common issue related to the parking brake on Land Rovers is a misaligned cable. Without the proper tension, the parking brake will not work as it should. Worn parking brake shoes can also be the culprit.

When you are getting your Rover serviced, have the technicians check the alignment of the parking brake cable to avoid problems. If you are getting the parking brake module replaced, be sure to replace the rear brake disc, pads, and shoes as well.

2.) Air Suspension Issues

Most vehicles with air suspension run into problems, and Land Rovers are no exception. While the air suspension system provides a smooth and quality ride, it’s more prone to failure than a conventional spring and strut setup. If an airline to the suspension leaks, it will force the air compressor to operate constantly to compensate. You will eventually notice sagging suspension, and the compressor may fail from overuse.

Depending on how far along the issues are, repairing faulty air suspension in a Land Rover can be expensive. If the compressor fails, the repair price will rack up significantly.

Land Rover air suspension

3.) Coolant Leaks

This issue is common on the throttle body of older Discovery models. The de-icer will leak coolant onto the engine, which will eventually make its way to the ground.

4.) Oil Leaks

Oil leaks plague many vehicles. On Land Rovers, oil pans and valve covers are especially susceptible to leaking oil. Leaking oil is bad news, and over time can result in excess wear and tear on engine internals that is not getting proper lubrication.

5.0 supercharged V8 Land Rover

5.) Parasitic Draw

The LR2 model from 2007 forward has a parasitic draw issue. Parasitic draw drains the battery even when the car appears to be off. This issue is so prevalent in the LR2 that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Land Rover.

6.) Leaking Sunroof

A leaking sunroof can expose important electrical components to water, causing them to fail. Not to mention, water dripping into the cabin of your car is not something you want while you drive in the rain.

The most common cause of a leaking sunroof on a Land Rover is a pinched drain, which allows water to bypass the seal and enter the cabin.


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