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We’ve been proudly serving the people of Kootenai County. Come visit our Coeur d’ Alene location, located at 1104 N 3rd Street. We are dedicated to serving our customers with top-notch automotive services. When you come to us, you’ll know you and your car are in good hands.

With 25 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We guarantee our work and have warranties to back us up. Most of our auto repair services are covered with a 2 year/24,000-mile warranty. So you know you’re in good hands!

Cameron EdmanCameron Edman
22:13 26 Jul 22
With my AC broken and a hot week coming up I called around to see if anyone could get me in. Lake City Auto was the only place who gave me the time of day and didn't say,"Well we are one to two weeks out..." as if they didn't want my business. They enthusiastically told me to bring it in within the hour and they would diagnose it. They had it recharged and ready to go within an hour of arriving. Great customer service and good people to work with.
crystalyn abercrombiecrystalyn abercrombie
20:21 21 Jul 22
I ended up having my drive shaft disconnect while I was driving right in front of their shop.They were so helpful!They came right out with their jack, found some bolts to get things reconnected, and get me right back on the road.Very professional, and super friendly.I highly recommend this shop for any services you may require.They are definitely going to be my go to shop from now on.
18:18 15 Jul 22
I took my car to this place when my AC compressor randomly shut off while driving, causing the car to die. It still ran and worked just fine with the AC off, so I already had a very short list of what SPECIFICALLY was wrong with my AC.I called this place and asked if I could stop by and have them check what went wrong with the ac, and to get an estimate for THEM to fix.. I stopped by and was literally there for 8 minutes. My car was up for less than that and the guy just decided that EVERYTHING had to be replaced. Didn't give any specifics of what initially went wrong at all and just said it'd be 1700 to replace my entire AC system.. (oh, and a quick search online at the parts he listed quickly proved he grossely overstated the cost of those unnecessary parts)As soon as he realized I wasn't going to randomly drop a paycheck on a whim, he decided that them looking at it cost 70 bucks and they wouldn't let me leave with my car until it was paid. There was absolutely no mention of any fee whatsoever before hand, especially not to just look at it for less than ten minutes, but was still charged 70 dollars for absolutely no additional information whatsoever.So I'm leaving here with no actual diagnosis, zero additional information, and was charged 70 bucks for ten minutes....NOPE. Don't waste your money. Go somewhere else.
Rachelle BergsingRachelle Bergsing
22:22 27 Jun 22
Outstanding Customer Service! Which to me means the most; followed by fair & very reasonable charges/cost/prices. I called 5 other shops/dealers in CDA, ID and these guys were the most friendly on the phone from the get-go and had the best prices upfront. On top of that, they got me in to the shop within a couple of days and had the work completed the same day. Friendly staff, clean facility, fair pricing and local!! Will highly recommend to everyone and certainly be my first choice for my own personal vehicle repairs and service. Thank you Lake City Auto of CDA! (I AM NOT A PAID CUSTOMER FOR MY COMMENTS! Truly just a very satisfied customer after multiple bad experiences with other local shops/dealers, until I this one)
Jacquelyn MastelJacquelyn Mastel
18:59 15 Jun 22
After being towed to Lake City Auto Care (unexpected gas problems) Jason was extremely professional and kind to us. We were not the only ones with the same problem so of course it was a hectic situation and was handled in a timely and practical manner. I do not believe their regular appointments suffered. We were given a loaner car which was very convenient. If we lived in Idaho they would be our go to Auto Repair and Maintenance.
Al HulbertAl Hulbert
16:38 14 Jun 22
On 6/13 we were traveling from Montana back to Oregon and got bad gas in CDA. Water!! We towed to Lake City and Jason worked us in to drain the fuel and get us back on the road. They were AMAZING!! Friendly and efficient and priced right. Thanks so much. We were back on the road and home safe and sound because of Lake City. This is THE place to take your rig.
Kaci CampbellKaci Campbell
18:08 08 Jun 22
Very friendly and informative staff. They were able to get me in the next day to address a problem and they got it fixed right away. They kept me informed while I waited and showed me photos of the problem. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for a reliable place to take their vehicle.
The natural LifeThe natural Life
17:57 19 May 22
Took my 2008 Dodge Sprinter to Lake City Auto because of a rumble strip noise I was getting. They said I needed a new transmission at 10k!I decided to work on it myself. After a transmission flush and adding "Shudder Fix" to the transmission I no longer have the rumble noise. Instead of 10k it cost me 100.00! They were one of the only shops who could get us in. Friendlycustomer service and a nice waiting room with free drinks.
Nancy JohnsonNancy Johnson
01:21 30 Nov 21
Super nice guys, professional ,helpful and kind.
Marc FergusonMarc Ferguson
02:10 15 Oct 21
Family owned and operated.My favorite place to get all my automotive needs.
James GriffittsJames Griffitts
16:56 01 Sep 21
Service was quick and efficient. Our car is up and running again. Very professional and trustworthy. Will definitely go back if needed!
Jonathan BurnsJonathan Burns
19:35 03 Aug 21
Great local shop. Their free inspection (with pics, texted to your phone) found a major issue that was still under warranty with my dealer- I got it taken care of, and saved over $4k because of the honesty and attention to detail you'll find at Lake City Auto Care CDA.
Carmen ZeskiCarmen Zeski
23:58 06 Jul 21
Me and my sister were on a road trip from Seattle to Baltimore. And we broke down on I90. Our car was towed to the wrong place- and the original shop we took it to said they couldn't get it fixed for about a week! We were supposed to be home in a week. We called around and the man that works here told us to tow it over and he would see what he could do. Jason the service manager was insanely helpful and understanding of our situation. Him and his team were the best. They helped us figure out the problem, a busted transmission cooler line. Throughout this whole very stressful process they were so kind and thoughtful, they helped us find the part we needed, loaded us up with some more transmission fluid- and ended up getting us back on the road by the end of the day! It was such a relief to have such great help and good company to wait with while we had our car fixed. Definitely recommend these guys above anyone else!
jerod baderjerod bader
06:18 13 Mar 21
I had an issue with my rear door lock and had it taken in to be repaired. Got it back and it was fine until a few days later. At that point I actually had more problems arise that made the original problems worse. I took it back to Jason who is the new manager and explained the problem to him and he and a technician confirmed my thoughts and vowed to take care of everything at no cost to me. It is so easy in this day and age, when new money is waiting around the corner, to shrug of responsibility and professionalism and let the problem pass to some one else. They did the right thing and are taking care of the problem even though the technician who originally did the work and messed it up further and the manager who over saw him are no longer there. This is not a testament directly to Lake City Auto Care, it is a testament to Jason and Kelly the technician for their professionalism, customer service, and willingness to do the thing that is frequently rare these days... The right thing. They have my business without question and I recommend they have yours too. 30/10 recommend.

Our Services

We have 25 years of service under our belts, so you know that you’re getting the best automotive service. Some of our services include: 

These are just a few of the services we offer! For more information feel free to call us at (208) 856-8336 and be sure to schedule your appointment with us!