4X4 Repairs & Maintenance

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In the beautiful, sporty outdoors of the Coeur D’Alene area, most people consider AWD or 4WD an absolute necessity. Therefore, 4×4 vehicle repairs are needed all the time on our full service auto repair shop. Whether it’s hitting the trail or just getting through those challenging North Idaho winter roads, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Since wear and tear is the inherent nature of 4WD vehicles, it is critical to have a mechanic check your entire system every 2 years or 24,000 miles. We service 4WD vehicles, AWD, 4×4 vehicles, trucks, SUVs and more! Our customers enjoy quick turn around, competent service and a staff that understands their AWD needs

Keep Your 4×4 Factory Warranty Intact

In order to keep your factory warranty intact, you must comply with factory recommended 4×4 maintenance. It is illegal for a manufacturer to void your warranty having factory scheduled maintenance done at an independent repair facility. Either way, having a regular maintenance schedule is important for avoiding costly 4×4 vehicle repairs down the trail.

4×4 Routine Maintenance

Your four wheel drive vehicle is great for getting you through rough, muddy or slick terrain, but in order to keep your 4WD vehicle at peak performance, regular maintenance is necessary. This is especially true for rugged off-road driving. If you’re don’t remember the last time your vehicle was serviced, or you don’t know what is required to keep your vehicle at it’s best, our technicians can perform a free inspection to work with you on a plan.