spring and strut assembly

Suspension maintenance is important

Shake, Rattle & Roll. No we’re not talking about the song! If you vehicle is rolling in the corners, diving excessively when you hit the brakes, bouncing too long after hitting bumps you want to seek professional advice on your suspension. Whether it is shocks, struts, ball joints or anything in between, Lake City Auto Care can help!

At Lake City Auto Care we replace and repair the following suspension components.

  • Shocks
  • Struts
  • Ball Joints
  • Sway Bar End Links
  • Leaf Springs
  • Coil Springs
  • Suspension Air Bags

Lake City Auto Care is your complete automotive repair destination – just 20 minutes away from almost all of Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, and Rathdrum, Idaho.

The suspension, often one of the most neglected systems on cars, trucks and SUVs; is the glue that holds everything together on your car. Neglected suspensions, worn out shocks and struts lead to premature tire wear, excessive braking distances and faster brake pad wear. Above all else, a worn out suspension is dangerous. Your car, truck or SUV can become unstable and be hazardous to yourself and others. Do you tow frequently? It is especially important to have your suspension checked out regularly. Shocks and Struts wear out slowly over time, you may not notice it all. However when you install a fresh set of shocks or struts the difference is immediate.