Alternator Service

The most common symptom of a problem with your vehicle’s charging system is a battery-shaped warning light commonly known as the “CHARGE” icon that comes on while driving. Normally this warning light comes on when you turn the ignition, but should disappears as soon as the engine is started. If it stays on, there is a potential problem with your charging system. The charging system warning light doesn’t point directly to a failed alternator, although alternator problems are very common. This is a good indication that you should bring your vehicle in to Lake City Auto so a mechanic can run some additional tests.

Another symptom of a weak charging system is when the dash lights and headlights dim at idle, but become brighter when the engine is revved. This problem could be caused not only by a weak alternator, but also by a failing battery, poor connection at the battery terminals. A whining/buzzing noise coming from the alternator is another symptom of alternator troubles. In some cars, it could be caused by a noisy alternator bearing.

Car alternator

Those these are two cases that may indicate your alternator needs to be serviced, it is always best to reach out anytime you have questions or have reason to be concerned with your vehicles reliability. Our mechanics at Lake City Auto will run necessary testing, and also ask the right questions, to make sure that your getting the service that you need.

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