Signs You Need Fuel Air Induction Service

When your car gets older and higher in mileage, it may start to feel its age. It might lack the smoothness and power it had when it rolled off the lot, or the fuel economy isnt what it once was. These symptoms can make your daily commutes feel like a drag.

Luckily, there’s service that can return much of that will help restore the power and efficiency of your engine, all while decreasing the emissions.

What is Fuel Air Induction Service?

Over time, carbon deposits build up in the air-fuel system and can cause a variety of issues. With this fuel induction cleaning, these deposits are removed and the system can run as it’s designed to. 

These services often target areas such as the throttle body, valves, and combustion chamber, along with a few other places where carbon likes to accumulate. 

With the proper air and fuel flow, the vehicle will be able to run at its best and can knock years off the age of the car in terms of driving feel. 

Symptoms of Carbon Build-Up

When your vehicle needs induction cleaning, you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Rough idle
  • Hard starting
  • Reduced power and efficiency
  • Vehicle hesitating when accelerating
  • Knocking
  • Pinging

Benefits of Fuel Air Induction Service

Fuel air induction services bring a variety of benefits to your vehicle and the way it drives, including the following:

  • Increased power
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Decreased emissions
  • Healthier feeling vehicle

How Often Should I Have the Service Done?

We recommend induction cleaning service at around the 30,000-mile mark. This will prevent excess carbon build-up and keep your vehicle performing at its best.

The service doesn’t need to be done as often as an oil change, but doing it consistently will ensure your engine is healthy and clean on the inside for the next 30,000. 

Is it Necessary?

There are multiple situations where fuel-air induction cleaning is recommended. 


If your vehicle struggles to pass emissions, it may be time to look into getting it done. The service can result in a cleaner-running vehicle that produces less smog.

Engine Knock

If your engine is experiencing a knock, it may be a result of your car’s air-fuel ratio being incorrect. Cleaning the induction and fuel system will ensure your vehicle gets to proper air and fuel it needs. 

Sluggish Acceleration

Overall sluggish or hesitant acceleration is a telltale sign that carbon build-up has taken over your motor. In this case, induction cleaning is highly recommended. 

Rough Idle

Rough idles can be a product of a variety of issues, but it’s worth it to look into carbon deposits as a cause. Cleaning is an easy fix for an issue that plagues many vehicles. 

Fuel Air Induction Service at Lake City Auto Care

Here at Lake City Auto Care, our technicians will meticulously clean the throttle body, air intake ports, plenum, valves, and combustion chamber. 

Our ASE-certified technicians have years of experience servicing engines inside and out and will ensure that yours feels like new when the service is finished. 

There’s no better feeling than a freshly cleaned induction system, so come see for yourself with the services at our three locations. We’re located in Coeur d’Alene, Rathdrum, and Hayden, so there’s always a Lake City near you in north Idaho. 

Call or schedule a cleaning appointment online today to secure a spot with our friendly team for quality service!

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