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Land Rover’s lineup of luxury off-road vehicles gives owners the best of both worlds; a posh, comfortable interior and unparalleled off-road capability. With the harsh winters and ample outdoor recreation here in Northern Idaho, a Land Rover is a solid SUV to own. Like all vehicles, regular maintenance is essential to reliability and longevity. One […]

If you own a vehicle with a diesel engine, you know there are unique components and maintenance items that gasoline-powered car owners do not face. One of these components is the glow plug. Sometimes mistaken for or compared to a spark plug, the glow plug is entirely different in its function. If you are new […]

Land Rover offers unparalleled luxury, off-road capability, and performance. The prestigious British SUVs can take you anywhere, whether you’re driving to work or through the snowy mountains on your way to go skiing. Despite being one of the premier luxury SUV makers in the world, Land Rovers are not without issues. In this article, we […]

The Audi A4 offers German luxury, precision, and performance. As an entry-level luxury vehicle, the A4 is loaded with interior features, and most come with Audi’s famous Quattro all-wheel drive, making them a great car for the winters here in Coeur d’Alene. European cars have a reputation for being unreliable, and Audi’s are no exception. […]

When you get in your car in the morning for your drive to work you expect it to start. When it doesn’t start, not only are you stranded, but you have to deal with the anxiety that comes with unknown car problems. However, in many cases, a no-start issue is not a catastrophe. If you […]