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Modern cars have a complex array of electrical systems responsible for everything from starting the engine to powering the radio. Electrical issues are common and have become harder and harder to diagnose as vehicles get more complicated. If you suspect your car or truck is having electrical problems, there are several common areas to check. […]

Frequent oil changes with the correct oil help prevent catastrophic engine failure. The importance of an oil change goes beyond fresh oil and a new filter. Oil weight and composition have a direct impact on how well your vehicle is protected. Why are oil changes so crucial? Your engine relies on oil like your body […]

Nearly 90% of all preventable transmission catastrophes are due to a lack of attention to and overheating transmission. The important word here is preventable. Yes, this is a serious issue that you need to address immediately but there’s no need to panic. Let’s dive into some of the mechanics of what is going on with your […]